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4 Things to Consider when Pressure Washing Your Home

Difference Between Cleaning Agents

There is a wide variety of cleaning solutions to remove different contaminants that are on the home. Always check the cleaning solution label that will first tell you if the cleaning agent is a detergent, a soap, specially designed chemicals, or a cleaning solution made specifically for pressure washing the type of material your home is constructed of – brick, concrete, vinyl siding, wood, painted surfaces, or stucco.

For chemical cleaning solutions, it is best to partner with a pressure washing service provider that can power or pressure wash your home with a chemical solution that is designed to remove one of the following:

Cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime Sanitizers will kill 99 % of bacteria less than a minute Disinfectant to kill biological organisms like mold spores

Size of the Area to be Pressure Washed

In addition to considering the type of surface material you will be cleaning, also consider the size of your home and other property you will be pressure washing. Large areas will benefit from the heated water of pressure washing and make the job go more quickly and smoothly. Also consider if the area to be cleaned has salt residue, moss or weed growth between cracks, or other hard to remove contaminants. In these cases, you should certainly choose pressure washing over power washing.

Type of Material you are Cleaning

Almost all home construction materials can be pressure washed, but there are some circumstances where the nozzle pressure must be lowered to prevent damage to certain materials. And some materials are better to be simply hosed down because the material is too soft to handle the power of a pressure washing nozzle. Lamina sandstone, asphalt roofing, and any construction that is very old – especially wooden buildings or decks that many have disintegrating woods should not be pressure washed.

Painted surfaces or stained wood should only be pressure washed by a pro, because they know the cleaning solutions and the amount of pressure that will clean the home without destroying the paint.

Consider the Time of Year

Fall and spring are optimum times to pressure wash a home because the temperatures are moderate. But, even in late winter, a home can be pressure washed on days when the temperatures are mild. Water that remains in the cracks and crevices in a home are fine during warm or cool temperature days. But, if temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, that water can turn in ice, expand, and cause damage to the surfaces you are cleaning.


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