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Outdoor Cleaning Tips

While the interior of a home generally takes priority on a spring cleaning checklist, it is equally important to address the exterior of a home. Putting together a checklist of outdoor spring cleaning tasks and developing a plan of action is the first step.

Utilize this outdoor spring cleaning checklist to get started: Sweep Your Outdoor Surfaces Clean Your Windows Rake Excess Leaves Check for and Remove Litter Wash Your House & Garage Wash Your Driveway & Patios Clean Your Deck Clean Your Outdoor Furniture Unclog Your Gutters Inspect Your Roof

Read below for more details on how to complete all the tasks listed above and ensure you complete the full checklist. Sweeping Your Concrete, Deck, and More Your patios, driveway, and decks are usually the first thing you see when you step outside, so why not spruce everything up to enhance each trip out of your house? Sweep all the sticks and debris off your deck to clear space for you, your guests, and your furniture. Cleaning Windows

Seeing spotted, dirty windows from the outside of your home can be unsightly. Simply take some glass-cleaning spray and either a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to get the windows to shine. Doing this from this inside and outside is recommended for the best results. If there are exterior windows that are difficult to reach, hiring a local window cleaning company should do the trick. Raking Excess Leaves Once the snow melts and you can finally see your lawn again, it is common to see leaves leftover from autumn. On one of the first dry days, it is a good idea to rake the leftover leaves off the lawn. If you have a larger lawn, you should mulch the leaves with a lawnmower for faster removal. Check for Litter Over the winter, various pieces of litter can pile up near the curb or buried under previously snow-covered areas. Once you have visibility of all your property, take a walk around and see if any wrappers, aluminum cans, or other litter have found their way to your property. Make sure to properly dispose of anything you find. Wash House and Garage Power washing your home is the best way to restore its shine. Over the winter, and throughout the year, surface contaminants like algae, mold, and dirt make their way to your siding. Soft washing your home will safely eliminate those surface contaminants and return your siding to a like-new condition. Wash Driveway and Patios While you have already swept your patios, driveway, and decks, they may not look as good as you intended. Washing these surfaces will help restore their look. Make sure to use a safe pressure and the proper cleansers when doing so. If you are not comfortable using a pressure washer, calling a professional power washing company is always a great option. Wash Deck Just like the siding on your home, algae and mold can make their way to the surface of your deck. Not only will removing these contaminants improve the look of your deck, but it will also make it safer. When algae on a deck is wet, it can become very slippery. And considering a deck is one of the primary places to host guests during warm weather seasons, you will want to make sure yours is in tip-top shape. Check for/Clean Clogged Gutters Debris and runoff will commonly find its way into your gutters as the winter season concludes. Be sure to inspect the inside of your gutters and note any clogged areas. If they are clogged, try to remove everything you can as safely as possible. Hiring a gutter cleaning company is always an option if there are many problem areas. Clean Furniture Now that your decks and patios are looking amazing, you probably want your furniture to match them. Take out a garden hose and rinse off any pieces of furniture that you plan to place out on these surfaces. Check Roof for Moss and Streaks If you are noticing black streaking or moss on your roof, reach out to a professional power washing company to address this. The black streaking on the roof can eat away at the granules within shingles and cause deterioration over time. The moss on the roof will embed its roots in the shingles as well, and these areas must be treated extra carefully. A reputable power washing company will use a soft wash method to remove the black streaks and neutralize the moss

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